Simply is beautiful



So funny XD
Today i saw my classmate was reading a book at the recess time
First I thought this is a comic only
but ....
I thought this aren't comic
then...I said,"It is not a book which teaches Japanese ma ....."
Finally,I saw his the front of book
I saw the name of book ...
It was really a book which teaches people Japanese XD
It was really funny...
But I couldn't believe that he can read that book ...
but I wanted to told someone but I didnt
It's because I won't do that bad thing XD
Also,I hope he learn Japanese not only for play online game XD
If yes .....he don't need to study other subject la XD
go to japan study la...
so cheap that classmate
want to learn more languge ?! you do to die sin la XD
You aren't good at study ja !
Band 1 student's English worse than Band 3 student's !
study more English grammer sin la !
Japanese...You never can study by yourself !!!