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What a Enlgish G.E ?!!

I am so lucky=-=
finally can study geog to exam
if I don't study I must get the wrost grade of geog =-=

about English G.E.
It's really make me feel very angry !!
first of all,G.E. total70%
40%from reading 30%from grammer
but that I don't mind
secondly,this exam paper is 90mins but I only need about 40mins finish!
this I also don't mind
thridly,this is make me the most angry !!
about grammer....only have a article which need to fill in blank
every sentense have a missing words
below this artcile,there are many words which need to circle
and also have a poor reading

only those 2 part !!
how can I appectable !!
It's look like only to train our reading skill
only like an exercise
what a exam paper ?!

reading ppart have 2 article
first one 18% the other is 22%
but most of quest only are MC quetions!!
only few sentense question !

I don't know what I can do now ==
anyway, I think this is good for some classmates
It's becuase this exam are too easy for me =-=
but I am not sure can I get a good grade in this exam paper...

Hope tomorrow English oral won't make me so disappointed!