Simply is beautiful



The meropar website had fixed la ^^
Now i will write something contiue XD
please everyone enjoy to play ^^

If you want to know what is mero
you can go to meropar website
it's a blog pet which are use people's blog RSS to grow up
But take care of it is really hard
since its can grow up ....
grow point only 1 day +8points
when 1200points can change to other pet that you what to feed

unluckily,if you really want to take care the blog pet to 1200points
its need about half a year
Also,you everyday must write things in your blog
if not,at that day blog pet wont get any grow point...

If you want to get more extra grow points
you can go to ...
that's to try to find how to do la
Ahaha ^^

this is the website what i am talking about XD
If have any problem
you an leave a message to me ^^
then i will reply you soon w