Simply is beautiful


Worry about mero on this morning

This morning so scared
Since I changed a new blog to write mero ,I need to decorate it"
I use about 3-4 hours to put my mero to here
becoz mero's photo ......
Then I go to make a RSS for mero and change my info
When this morning want to login of my every mero
I saw that 3 of my mero can't login !!
What should I do =-=lll
Luckily, I remember that when change mero's RSS
It showed pw,then I guess
Is it my 1st mero pw or using "mero" name ?
Luckily,I try to use my 1st mero
Then .......Can login la !!!
So happy about that
But ...........No need to study is more happy than these XXXD
Now I am studing Computer at school now...
So I have so much time to type a post XD